Cited Book: The Making of Donald Trump

book cover recommend book⇒The Making of Donald Trump
by David Cay Johnston 978-1-61219-632-9 hardcover
birth 1948-12-24 age:69 978-1-61219-633-6 eBook
publisher Melville House 978-1-5047-9342-1 audio
published 2016-08-02 B01GYPLR1U kindle

Johnston is a Pulitzer prize winner.

Johnson has been following Trump since the 1970s. Trump has sold himself as a successful businessman. Yet in a study of hundreds of American businesses, Trump’s came in last place by every metric. Trump is a criminal and been convicted over and over. He has ties to the Mafia. He ignored the Cuba embargo. He hires undocumented workers. He refused to allows black and Puerto Rican into his housing projects. He has paid no income taxes. He collects welfare. He dips into his Trump charitable foundation illegally for personal expenses. Tax lawyers have been able to deduce to reports far less income than he brags about publicly. In addition there are thousands of lawsuits pending against him by people who did work for him who Trump then stiffed. Trump tax cut would add 10 trillion to the existing 19 trillion debt. That is hardly the way to make America great again.

Trump’s life philosophy is revenge. If anyone refuses to do him a favour, that is treated as an attack and he sets out to ruin that person’s life. Trump greatly enjoys taking revenge.

When Johnston started the book, Trump told him if he said anything he did not like, he would sue. So far he has not.

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