Cited Book: A Nation of Sheep

book cover recommend book⇒A Nation of Sheep
by Judge Andrew Paulo Napolitano 978-1-59555-192-4 paperback
birth 1950-06-06 age:67 978-1-59555-097-2 hardcover
publisher Thomas Nelson 978-1-4185-7432-1 eBook
published 2007-10-30 B007FZSRMQ kindle

Napolitano has unlikely credentials. He is Fox New’s senior news analyst. He is a small-government Republican, who brags about how he gave Bush crucial information that helped him out-maneuver Gore in the 2000 election.

However, he believes deeply in the constitution and is horrified at how constitutional rights have been eroded, particularly under Bush and the Patriot Act. He is a great explainer, always illustrating legal points with a prosaic example.

He has his own website.

You would be amazed, as an American citizen, or a tourist in America, how you have almost none of the traditional civil rights or legal safeguards left. All manner of law-enforcement officials can do whatever they want to you with nothing more than a self-written warrant.

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