Cited Book: Climate Cover-Up

book cover recommend book⇒Climate Cover-Up
by James Hoggan & Richard Littlemore 978-1-55365-485-8 paperback
publisher Greystone 978-1-926706-77-1 eBook
published 2009-09-29 B002Z14KWQ kindle

Anti-science (or agnotology), seeks to cover-up or obscure science considered inconvenient, or at least create doubt in the minds of public and decision-makers. It seeks to replace knowledge with ignorance and has no resemblance to normal arguments within science, by scientists.

Modern anti-science is most skillfully executed by a relatively small subset of lobbyists and PR agencies. Some of the most effective are actually thinktanks. They have public identities distinct from their (often-unidentified) funders and can often be labeled ”non-profit”, thus avoiding the expense of taxes. They often seek funding in the same way as lobbyist/PR agencies, as is well-documented in the Tobacco Archives.

Such entities have played successful rôle s in activities like fending off tobacco regulation, fighting CFC regulation (ozone hole), fighting mercury regulation, etc. For some, their top priority has changed to obfuscating climate science. Anyone who can help keep children getting addicted to tobacco should find it easy to create confusion about climate.

So, if you wonder how and why so many people, especially in North America, are confused about the current state of climate science, this is an excellent introduction to the key players and tactics.

It exposes billionaires, like brothers Charles and David Koch (#9 and #10 richest Americans), who fund fake grass roots opposition to climate change action and fund fake experts. In my view, not necessarily Hoggan’s, the Kochs are far more of a danger to the planet than Hitler. If they succeed, they will kill far more people than Hitler ever dreamed of killing and wipe out the earth’s large mammals. Desmogblog details

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