Cited Book: Java 8 Lambdas: Pragmatic Functional Programming

book cover recommend book⇒Java 8 Lambdas: Pragmatic Functional Programming
by Richard Warburton 978-1-4493-7077-0 paperback
publisher O’Reilly recommended 978-1-4493-7085-5 eBook
published 2014-04-07 B00J3B3J3C kindle
Explanation of lambda expressions aka closures added in Java 1.8. There expressions have been integrated into all parts of Java. This book will help you explore these ramification such as streams, parallelism, concurrency, Collections. The book presumes your are already familiar with other parts of the Java language. This book might be described as lambda immersion. The author rarely shows traditional code then the lambda code equivalent. His examples never show output, so you have no way of verifying if you understood what the code did. For the most part, he talks in abstract academic language, which I found hard to understand. I will have to read this book several times before I understand it. On other hand, I wrote a little bit of code to iterate over a Map with a lambda expression and it worked first time and I fully understood how it worked. You can download the exercises from GitHub I bought an eBook copy of this book on 2014-07-18.
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