Cited Book: Six Degrees, our future on a hotter planet

book cover recommend book⇒Six Degrees, our future on a hotter planet
by Mark Lynas 978-0-00-720904-0 paperback
birth 1973 age:44 978-1-4262-0213-1 hardcover
publisher National Geographic 978-0-00-732352-4 eBook
published 2008-01-22 B002RI9F0E kindle
This is a very accessible book. Lynas spent years reading peer reviewed articles about global warming in scientific journals. He summarises them in ordinary English. The data are arranged in 6 chapters, each one describing what you could expect to happen if the world increased average temperature by 1, 2, 3 … 6 degrees centigrade. Even one degree made by hair stand on end. Scientists tend to underestimate. They would far sooner that results turned out even more dramatically than they predicted. Things are already deteriorating far faster than predicted. Much of the peer-reviewed literature is about what would happen in particular parts of the globe. Lynas puts it all together into six comprehensive pictures.
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