Cited Book: Generating Parsers with JavaCC

book cover recommend book⇒Generating Parsers with JavaCC
by Tom Copeland 978-0-9762214-3-2 paperback
publisher Centennial
published 2007
You can also order direct from the author. Also covers JJTree, JTB and JJDoc. It explains how to write Unicode parsers to handle a much richer character set than in traditional in languages. It covers integration with Eclipse, but not IntelliJ. The documentation for JavaCC is scattered over the web. This book helps you find it all. The book treats the reader gently. There is plenty of repetition, full explanation, examples, comments about what is going on under the hood and pointing out of pitfalls. He even tells you what the various tools he is describing are useful for. You can tell he as been around the block and is talking from hard-won experience. It is like talking with a fellow programmer over coffee. He has a very kind friendly way of writing. His only fault is a tendency to belabour the obvious. Not available in bookstores. Try the publisher Centennial books.
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