Cited Book: Water the Flowers, Not the Weeds

book cover recommend book⇒Water the Flowers, Not the Weeds
by Fletcher Peacock 978-0-9688102-0-0 paperback
publisher Open Heart
published 2000-11-28
I have known Fletcher for decades through Living Love workshops. He is invariably kind and cheerful. Advice from someone who is a success at applying his advice is much more convincing. The book is about focusing on solutions, rather than exploring the problem. The secret to effortless problem solving is asking the right questions, rather than imposing your value system and solutions on others. For example you might ask If everything were going well for your business or in your family, or if things were going a little less badly, what would be different? Ask yourself What is the goal? and how can I move minimally toward the goal? or What small thing can I do now to advance a little bit toward the goal?
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