Cited Book: Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World

book cover recommend book⇒Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World
by Richard Heinberg 978-0-86571-510-3 paperback
birth 1950-10-21 age:67 978-1-55092-337-7 eBook
publisher New Society Publishers B003VPWWHU kindle
published 2004-08-15
If the US continues with its current policies, the next decades will be marked by war, economic collapse and environmental catastrophe. Resource depletion and population pressures are about to catch up with us and no one is prepared. The political elites, especially in the US, are incapable of dealing with the situation and have in mind a punishing game of Last One Standing. The alternative is Powerdown, a strategy that will require tremendous effort and economic sacrifice in order to reduce per-capita resource usage in wealthy countries, develop alternative energy sources, distribute resources more equitably and reduce the human population humanely but systematically over time. While civil society organizations push for a mild version of this, the vast majority of the world’s people are in the dark, not understanding the challenges ahead, nor the options realistically available. website.
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