Cited Book: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid

book cover recommend book⇒Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
by President Jimmy Carter 978-0-7432-8503-2 paperback
birth 1924-10-01 age:93 978-0-7432-8502-5 hardcover
publisher Simon & Schuster 978-0-7432-9848-3 eBook
published 2006-11-14 978-0-7435-5593-7 audio
  B000MGAU4S kindle
Former President Jimmy Carter explains what he figures is holding back peace in the middle east. He puts the blame of a minority of Israeli leaders who insist on occupying Palestinian lands, in violation of half a dozen treaties. He points out that ordinary Israeli citizens are not the problem. They want to negotiate a fair settlement. He suggests that Israel bombing 6000 sites in Lebanon for the kidnapping of two soldiers by a rogue group was excessive. Most Americans consider his comments extremely left wing, but that is because America as a country is right wing, where nearly all Americans hold views to the right of all people in other countries. Further Americans are extremely biased toward Israel because of the successful lobbying and propaganda efforts of AIPAC. Zionists sued Carter for $5,000,000 for not being sufficiently singing the praises of Israel’s behaviour.
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