Cited Book: Windows 7 Annoyances

book cover recommend book⇒Windows 7 Annoyances
by David A. Karp 978-0-596-15762-3 paperback
publisher O’Reilly recommended 978-1-4493-9065-5 eBook
published 2010-05-04 B0043M4Z84 kindle
Problems with Windows 7 and what you can do to ameliorate them. I bought this as an eBook. I have not finished it. What I have read so far is not particularly impressive. It could do with a massive pruning. The author rambles on and on about how he does not like Microsoft. I don’t either, but the ramblings do not help me deal with Windows 7. Further he reiterates Windows documentation without augmenting it or adding any value. He might just as well have said, to learn about configuring Explorer windows, click… and saved a chapter. A fair bit of it is devoted to conversion from Vista which is no longer germane. I trust the mother lode is yet to come. One really good tip can pay for the entire book. It told me how to find the hidden menu to turn off all the CPU-gobbling eye candy. I thought I had turned it all off long ago, but it turned out it had turned itself back on. One of the really infuriating things I got rid of was smooth-scrolling aka creeping-by-themselves list boxes. The book should be called Basic Windows Literacy. Very little of it is about annoyances. It even covers buying replacement hardware. I thought it was a little light on defragging, ignoring all the work done by third parties. I have not yet encountered setting up multi-boots, one of the most mysterious features of Windows, but I am only half way through.
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