Cited Book: Global Warming For Dummies

book cover recommend book⇒Global Warming For Dummies
by Elizabeth May 978-0-470-84098-6 paperback
birth 1954-06-09 age:63 978-0-470-73858-0 eBook
publisher For Dummies B0015DTV24 kindle
published 2008-11-24

Elizabeth May is the articulate leader of the Green Party. The book explains global warming aka global climate change presuming no prior knowledge. Like all Dummy books it contains only generally accepted facts, no opinions. One of the main points it makes is that there is no longer controversy about global warming among scientists. Global warming is as solid as gravity or that smoking is harmful. The book covers:

  • Understanding the greenhouse effect — discover how greenhouse gases affect the planet’s atmosphere.
  • Tracking down the causes — investigate how society has caused a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Examining global warming’s effects — see the changes already taking place around the world and look at what scientists project for the future.
  • Switching to renewable energy — find out about carbon-free alternative energy sources.
  • Going green in business — explore how companies in every sector can help stop global warming while helping their bottom line.
  • Taking action — check out dozens of ways you can be a part of the solution, from what you eat to what you wear to how you heat your home.
What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.
~ Eldridge Cleaver U.S. African-American leader

I have had the pleasure of talking extensively with her on several occasions. I always go to watch her speak publicly. She is a hoot. She is informed. She is so lovable. She has a way of talking to you as if you were her best friend.

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