Cited Book: The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS

book cover recommend book⇒The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS
by Edward Hooper and Bill Hamilton 978-0-316-37137-7 paperback
birth 1951 age:66 978-0-316-37261-9 hardcover
publisher Back Bay 978-1-904690-46-7 audio
published 2000-12-01
AIDS is a relative of SIV, a virus of chimpanzees and green monkeys. According to this book, it was originally spread to humans by Dr. Hilary Koprowski, who was competing with Sabin to create an oral vaccine. He harvested kidneys from living monkeys (without killing them first) as a medium to grow the polio virus for his vaccines. His vaccines were contaminated with SIV. He then tested them on a million people in the Congo. Koprowski says he used no chimpanzees, though I have seen photos and videos of them being used in his lab and his various coworkers testifying they did use them in the video. Evidence to convict Dr. Hilary Koprowski as the greater mass murderer in history by inadvertently seeding HIV in the human population with this experiments to create an improved polio virus. What is worse it is Koprowski lies his face off about his misdeeds and intimidates other scientists into silence. You can tell what a liar he is since he tries to deceive you into thinking he created the Sabin vaccine, when his vaccine was not chosen because it was less stable than Sabin’s.
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