Cited Book: java.rmi: The Remote Method Invocation Guide

book cover recommend book⇒java.rmi: The Remote Method Invocation Guide
by Esmond Pitt, Kathleen McNiff 978-0-201-70043-5 paperback
birth 1951-10-18 age:66
publisher Addison-Wesley
published 2001-07-18
Esmond Pitt is a frequent contributor to the newsgroups and has sent me a number of emails on how to improve various entries in the Java glossary, including the RMI entry. He is the sort of person who goes out of his way to be helpful and to explain things. Esmond is more intelligent than nearly everyone, so you will have to stretch to keep up with him. This is not a book for rank beginners. It is the definitive book on RMI. Unfortunately, the book contains precious few examples, my favourite way of learning. The author commanded me to change the wording of this mini review. I told him to get stuffed. He also made complex requests for corrections to this page on RMI, but in such an imperious and insistent way and because I did not have the physical and emotional energy to deal with his difficult wording, I eventually decided to plonk him. He is now harassing my ISP.
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