Cited Book: Digital Certificates: Applied Internet Security

book cover recommend book⇒Digital Certificates: Applied Internet Security
by Jalal Feghhi, Jalil Feghhi, Peter Williams 978-0-201-30980-5 paperback
publisher Addison-Wesley
published 1998-10-09
The main thing wrong with this book is its age. It is a surprisingly easy to follow book. The JCE itself is daunting, but this book tames it with lots of code examples and an informal style. Consider this book an introduction to the JCE, not the final authority on high security. The end of the book degenerates into a bit of sales pitch for the author’s employer, Verisign, showing you the Verisign way of doing business. The book, is inconsistent in its intended audience. For example, the S/MIME section seems aimed at the JCE for dummies crowd. Yet near the end of the book, the authors throw an alphabet soup of undefined terminology at you as if you were a roomful of Verisign techies.
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