Cited Book: Core Web Programming, second edition

book cover recommend book⇒Core Web Programming, second edition
by Marty Hall and Gary Cornell 978-0-13-089793-0 paperback
publisher Prentice Hall 978-0-613-92274-6 hardcover
published 2001-06-03
1250 pages. Also has some simple RMI examples. This is a great doorstop of a book. It has a few chapters on client-server programming in Java and a section of that is on CGI. I have looked at hundreds of Java books and found nothing that deals in depth with client side Java talking to CGI, except Marty’s book. It is really very simple and he does an excellent job of explaining it. Marty has posted all the source code examples from the book for anyone to use. These contain updates and errata fixes you don’t get on the CD-ROM that comes with the book.
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