@echo off
echo BK.BTM full Backup  to DVD 2011-08-23
set date=%_date
rem presume system date configured as yyyy-MM-dd
rem mark files as busy so scheduled background tasks will not try to change them.
call E:\env\busy.btm
echo There should be a blank DVD in place.
loadmedia V:
rem format with UDF 2.5
rem format V: /FS:UDF /R:2.50 /V:%date
rem if errorlevel 1 pause format failed
rem use backuptoZip to freshen the compressedbackup files with any recent changes.
call E:\env\qbk.btm
rem back up to DVD:
rem turn off treating DESCRIPT.ION files as special. Needed when use Window Burn. Not needed for Nero.
rem setdos /D0
rem setdos /D1
rem Nero KwikMedia has no control of verify or speed or eject
rem call myself over to manually start the burn.
rem computer call out "come start the burn".
honk.exe "C:\Windows\Media\Landscape\Windows Hardware Remove.wav" E:\mindprod\sound\comestarttheburn.wav
rem No free program I have found lets you trigger the burn from the command line unattended.
rem It won't let me specify what to back up on the command line. I must prod it manually.
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\KM"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\KM\KwikMedia.exe"
pause hit space when burn completed
rem ejectmedia does not work reliably
rem leave last file access time tracking turned on.
rem fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 0
rem defrag disks with O & O defrag
call oo.btm
rem allow background scheduled task access to the files again.
call E:\env\unbusy.btm
rem -30-