rem typical BCDEdit commands
rem get summary of commands
bcdedit /?
rem get summary of displayorder commands
bcdedit /displayorder /?
rem change description of this boot
bcdedit /set {current} description "Windows 7 64 bit"
rem move/add current to the top of the list.
bcdedit /displayorder {current} /addfirst
rem remove the old default from the list.
bcdedit /displayorder {default} /remove
rem set the default to this boot.
bcdedit /default {current}
rem set timeout to 1 second to effectively hide the windows boot manager
bcdedit /timeout 1
rem display current state
Windows Boot Manager
identifier              {bootmgr}
device                  partition=C:
description             Windows Boot Manager
locale                  en-US
inherit                 {globalsettings}
default                 {current}
resumeobject            {7e84f68d-8d2d-11dd-89dc-fc1733b7c5fa}
displayorder            {current}
toolsdisplayorder       {memdiag}
timeout                 1
Windows Boot Loader
identifier              {current}
device                  partition=C:
path                    \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description             Windows 7 64 bit
locale                  en-US
inherit                 {bootloadersettings}
recoverysequence        {7e84f68b-8d2d-11dd-89dc-fc1733b7c5fa}
recoveryenabled         Yes
osdevice                partition=C:
systemroot              \Windows
resumeobject            {7e84f689-8d2d-11dd-89dc-fc1733b7c5fa}
nx                      OptIn