Worse Than Hitler

A century from now, if there are still significant numbers of people on earth, Trump will have displaced Hitler as the man considered the most evil to ever live on earth. Why? Many times, Trump announced he wants to start a nuclear war, simply because, like a pyromaniac, he loves nuclear war. He is also gung ho on emitting fossil fuel greenhouse gasses at the maximum possible rate, to bring on drastic climate change, and the tipping point of no return, much more quickly than expected.

With that double pronged approach, Trump has a good shot at eliminating life on earth, except for viruses and bacteria. His assaults dwarf Hitler’s and even the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs. The radioactivity will sterilise for centuries after his war.

Hitler telegraphed his plans in a book Mein Kampf. It was just so crazy that people discounted him. He could not be serious but he was. Trump is even crazier. We know Trump is serious because he has already put Scott Pruit an anti-environmentalist in charge of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and announced he plans to disband the EPA entirely in 2018.

It is unfair to compare Hitler and Trump. Over his life, Hitler did much less damage than Trump has announced.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)