Fighting Fire

I think it is time to punish Trump supporters. Trump supporters are gullible, superstitious and irrational. The obvious way to punish them is to tell them we have hired some Voodoo priests to sacrifice some chickens and goats to put this two-part curse on them:

But why torment Trump supporters who have no idea of what a terrible thing they did?

Trump is insane. Many times said he wants to use nuclear weapons against his rivals. He also said Let it be an arms race. He called for vastly increased spending on nukes. He said he wants them to proliferate. He told us I love war, including nuclear weapons. He is a modern day Dr. Strangelove. He said What is the point of having nuclear weapons if you don’t use them?

Secondly, he announced he is discontinuing all action to fight climate change. The stakes could not be higher — the continued existence of all vertebrate life on earth; not just humanity.

Trump supporters brazenly betrayed their planet, a megacrime, and further threw minorities under the bus in the magical belief it would create prosperity. Even if it does no good to take revenge, such a massive attack on our planet should not be allowed to go unpunished. Trump must be stopped, by hook or by crook.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)