BC Almanac

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) BC Almanac radio show read two letters on the air that showed listeners did not understand what physician assisted suicide was. One believed that physician assisted suicide was currently highly regulated and all regulation was about to be removed and so abuse would explode. The very opposite is true. Physician assisted suicide occurs all the time, but on the quiet without any regulation or oversight. A new law would add legal, medical and psychological oversight to make sure all happens in the light of day and by the book.

The second writer suggested that people should register on their drivers’ licence whether they approved of euthanasia. She apparently thought physician assisted suicide was a sort of living will to decide what you wanted done with you if you went into permanent coma. With physician-assisted suicide, you request assistance with suicide at the time, in full control of your mental faculties to avoid the last few weeks of suffering or dementia. It is very much like having a pet put to sleep, only it is yourself.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)