Freedom of Religion

In Canada, religiously-affiliated nursing homes have done all they could to block physician-assisted suicide.

  1. They refuse to offer the service.
  2. They refuse to refer the patient to a doctor who offers the service.
  3. They refuse to assist the patient in contacting the Right to Die society.
  4. They refuse to allow doctors who administer the procedure onto the premises.

These patients are typically on death’s door. (They have to be to quality for physician assisted suicide.) They can’t leave the nursing home to chase down euthanasia services.

The nursing home is violating the patient’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion by forcing their religion on him.

The good news is the supreme courts of BC and Ontario have ruled the nursing homes must offer a referral. This may mildly infringe on the religious rights of the nursing home staff, but the needs of the patient predominate. I don’t think the courts have ruled on blocking outside physicians from the premises.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)