Health Care Costs

Republicans have been monumentally dishonest about public health care. Private health care in the USA costs twice what public health care costs elsewhere in the developed world and has outcomes below every other developed country. It is not #1 as they so boastfully claim. It is #40. The USA is on par with Cuba. The Republicans managed to bamboozle the public into thinking public health care would be and additional tax to what they pay now, not replacing it. They fooled them into thinking they would be paying twice as much, not half as much. The shame is on Americans and the American media for letting them get away with such a whopper. Obamacare is primarily forcing people who have no money to buy health insurance anyway. That is not Obama’s idea. That a concession to the Republicans who welshed on reciprocation.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)