Charlotte Shooting

I saw the dashboard camera video of the Charlotte shooting on 2016-09-23 of Keith Lamont Scott. Here is my take on what happened:

Brentley Vinson, the police officer in the red vest’s view of Scott was partially blocked by a white pickup truck. Scott got out of his car and walked backwards slowly with this hands at his sides. He suddenly popped into view from behind the truck. Scott was looking 90 degrees counter clockwise to where officer Vinson was. Vinson was startled, and immediately shot Scott multiple times. He probably thought Scott was maneuvering into a position where he would no longer have the truck as cover.

Imagine if we had technology so the police could reliably know who was armed and who was not. This killing would never have happened. How might such technology work?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)