Blind Trust

People like Michael Reagan have argued the people knowingly elected a wealthy businessman in Trump. Therefore he should not be required to put his holdings in a blind trust the way every other president has and the way the constitution demands. Reagan claims the people don’t mind if he makes money during his presidency.

That is not the issue. The problem is he must not be taking money from foreign countries in return for betraying the USA. He must avoid conflict of interest situations so he cannot even be tempted. His security advisor, Mike Flynn, has already confessed to taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Russians and Turks in return for favours.

Reagan further argued that the people do not care if Trump divests. This is not true. Only the core of his core supporters think that way. Even if the majority felt that way, you cannot let this slide because the constitution commands it. The constitution overrides popular opinion. To override the constitution, you need an constitutional amendment.

I doubt many of the people wanting to let Trump side realise that is unconstitutional.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)