@echo off
echo BkWindup.Bat What to do after the backup to DVD is complete. 2011-12-31
rem called from bk.bat
rem Customise this in any way you want. It might even do nothing.
rem Thing it might do include:
rem Index your files.
rem Defrag your disks.
rem E:\env is where I keep my bat files.
cd \env
rem optional
rem in my case,  reindex my files with Copernic.
cd C:\Windows\system32
rem turn on Copernic indexing
call E:\env\copernicstart.btm
@echo  %_date %_time
echo hit any key to stop indexing
rem give 120 mins = 7200 secs for indexing.
delay 7200  /B
rem turn off file indexing
call E:\env\copernicclose.btm
rem -30-