@echo off
rem BkKanguru backup to Kanguru USB Flash Drive
cd \env
rem login
echo encrypted N: drive must be open
rem Tell other bat files that is it not safe to access the data files.
rem Block this script if some other bat file is busy with the files.
call busy.btm
rem Clean up files prior to backup. Get rid of junk.
call bkclean.bat
rem Back up important datafiles to zips.
call bktozips.bat
rem copy /UF updates or adds, /C just updates
@echo on
copy /UF G:\bks\agent.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\browsers.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\co.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\code.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\config.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_dos.zip N:\
rem dl_drawing.zip N:\   not room for it
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_fonts.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_games.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_hardware.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_homerdixon.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_internet.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_javas.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_jsp.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_ralf.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_router.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_sounds.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_source.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_ssh.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_trial.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_utils.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\dl_w7.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\docs.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\env.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\fonts.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\images.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\intellij.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\kjv.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\othercode.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\pads.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\personal.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\presentations.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\progs.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\snippets.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\sound.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\thunderbird.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\topstyle.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\vslick.zip N:\
copy /UF G:\bks\website.zip N:\
@echo off
rem logout
M:\KDMBasic.exe -u
rem Tell other bat files that it is safe to access the data files again.
call unbusy.btm
rem -30-