@echo on
rem [BkBurnWithTCC.btm] JPSoft take command tcc script to backup zips to DVD. 2011-12-31
rem Backup G:\bks\*.zip to DVD.
rem Using Take Command and built-in Windows utilities.
rem This script uses UDF which is slow and does not pack files as densely on the DVD.
rem You won't be able to back up as much data on a DVD as with DAO methods.
rem It is reasonably efficient only if you have a few large zips.
rem Many small zips will slow it drastically and reduce DVD capacity.
rem This script cannot run unattended.
rem You will need to customise the location, target and suggested label
set location=G:\bks
set target=%DVD_DRIVE%\bks
set suggestedLabel=CMP BK %_date
REM summon the operator
rem computer makes a euphonious sound then calls out "come start the burn".
honk.exe "C:\Windows\Media\Landscape\Windows Hardware Remove.wav" E:\com\mindprod\backuptozip\comestarttheburn.wav
echo There should be a blank DVD inserted.
rem optional
rem Optional Take Command utility to close the drive door
rem Format with UDF 2.5 incremental file at a time writing.
echo use label %suggestedLabel
rem We don't use /V because it won't take spaces, even in quotes.
format %DVD_DRIVE% /FS:UDF /R:2.50
if errorlevel 1 pause format failed
rem optional
REM Copy to DVD gets confused if DESCRIPT.ION files are not hidden.
attrib /s +h %location\DESCRIPT.ION
rem optional
rem Turn off treating DESCRIPT.ION files as special. No dynamic creating description file-by-file on DVD.
setdos /D0
rem Copy files UDF-style to V: DVD drive.
copy /s %location\*.* %target\
if errorlevel 1 pause failed to copy zips to DVD drive
rem optional
rem Back to normal DESCRIPT.ION file processing.
setdos /D1
rem See how full the DVD backups are getting
free %DVD_DRIVE%
rem Eject the DVD
rem Celebrate completion
honk SystemAsterisk
REM -30-