@echo off
echo BkBurnWithNero.bat backup zip files to DVD using Nero KwikMedia 2011-12-31
rem called from bk.bat
rem The main things you will need to customise in the location of your zips to back up, and the suggested label name.
rem you will need to customis the location of your zip files to backup and the suggestedLabel, perhaps more.
set location=G:\bks
set suggestedLabel=CMP BK %_date
rem optional
echo There should be a blank DVD inserted.
rem Take Command utility to close the drive door
rem Nero KwikMedia has no control of verify or speed or eject
REM optionally summon the operator
rem computer makes a euphonious sound then calls out "come start the burn".
honk.exe "C:\Windows\Media\Landscape\Windows Hardware Remove.wav" E:\com\mindprod\backuptozip\comestarttheburn.wav
rem It won't let me specify what to back up on the command line. I must prod it manually.
echo Wait for Nero KwikMedia to show you its photo collection and finish loading.
echo Under [Burn and Copy Disc], Select [Burn a data disc]
echo Click [Add] and select %location% to back up.
echo type a volume label name e.g. %suggestedLabel%
echo hit burn.
rem quotes needed because of space in the directory name.
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\KM"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\KM\KwikMedia.exe"
rem no point in making a sound here. Nero will not terminate without manual intervention.
rem no point is checking fullness. Nero always makes discs appear 100% full.
rem optional
rem Take Command utility to eject the disc
rem -30-