@echo off
echo BkBurnWithCdrtools.bat backup zip files to DVD using Cdrtools 2011-12-16
rem you will need to customise the DVD_DRIVE=V: drive for CD/DVD.
rem called from bk.bat
rem E:\env is where I keep my bat and bsh files.
cd \env
echo There should be a blank DVD inserted.
rem Optional Take Command utility to close the drive door
rem use a bash script to invoke cygwin with Cdrtools mkisofs and cdrecord.
rem Cygwin bash.exe must be on the path.
rem Its advantage is it runs unattended. You don't have to type anything into a GUI the way you do with Nero.
bash.exe bkburnwithcdrtools.bsh
rem optionally, see how full the DVD backups are getting
free %DVD_DRIVE%
rem  Optional Take Command utility to eject the disc
rem -30-