Why Are There Monkeys

If monkeys turned into people, why are there still monkeys?

~ A. Creationist

This question comes up over and over. It makes no sense to an evolutionist. Evolutionists tend to treat it as creationists just jerking them around. I will give creationists the benefit of the doubt and assume they have multiple misconceptions caused by exposure to misinformation from creationist websites. First, monkeys did not turn into people. A common ancestor of monkeys and humans had offspring that over millions of years drifted in two directions, toward monkeys and toward humans. No individual creature morphed into anything else, like a werewolf. Offspring were just imperceptibly different from their parents, generation after generation. Think of your own family. You and your brother differ slightly and you each differ slightly from your parents. Each of you could well be the founder of a large tree of descendants. There is no reason both you and your brother’s tree could not thrive. The monkey family and the human family both thrived. Monkeys specialised for tree life. Humans specialised for savannah life. Humans and monkeys thus did not strongly compete with each other so both managed to hang in there even until the present day.