Justifying Violence

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)Radio On the Coast interviewed a spokesman for the Canadian military. The spokesman admitted Canada had done some terrible things in Afghanistan, including torture, (though he did not go so far as to admitting attacking unprovoked is a capital war crime). He asserted it was morally indefensible for any party to use any form of terrorism or violence to try to deter Canada. They must constrain themselves to non-violent protest. This makes no sense. Either violence is a legit way to persuade others or it is not. If Canada thinks it is ok to murder kids to persuade Afghans then surely it is ok for others to murder Canadian soldiers (or kids) to dissuade them. His childish logic goes something like this. I like killing people, therefore it is morally OK when I do it. I don’t like other people trying to kill me. Therefore, when others do it, it is morally unjustified.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)