Micro vs Macro Evolution

Micro and macro evolution are creationist terms. Scientists talk of evolution and speciation the creation of new species. Creationists concede that species can evolve, but cannot split off into new species, even though the creation of species has been observed over and over. The object on biblical grounds.

How does speciation work? There are four different types. Here is one of the most common. Consider the common ancestor of the Brewer’s Duck and the Mallard. The population of the common ancestor gets separated geographically. Over time, one group gradually and continuously evolves into the Brewer’s duck. It does not suddenly change into a Brewer’s duck. While this is going, on the other group gradually evolves into a Mallard. It does no suddenly change into a Mallard. At some point in this process, if you collected a pair of ducks from each group, they would not be able to reproduce. They would have become too different. At this point we consider the two populations to be two species. The loss is gradual: loss of ability to produce fertile young, loss of ability to produce viable young, loss of ability to mate. There is not some sharp dividing line when a new species forms. It is a gradual loss of the ability of separated populations to interbreed. Nothing special happens to the populations themselves. They don’t make any leap in evolution. Creationists falsely imagine the theory of evolution claims that new species are created when a pair Brewer’s ducks lay a batch of Mallard eggs, which evolution says is impossible.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)