Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is rational. It is an ancient survival tool. Bonding with your captor increases your odds of survival. Children who refuse to submit to brutal parental authority are more likely to die. Children in Christian homes threatened with hellfire and beatings are much like captive slaves in tribal war.

The children don’t know the threats are empty. Christian chestnuts are indistinguishable from threats to kill their dog, or literally roast them on a spit over a campfire after dinner. The #1 way Christians proselytize is with threats of torture, even to fellow adults. That is why so many submit to Christianity, apparently without resistance.

Those who submit even become convinced the evil Christianity commands of them is the highest good and they in turn impose it on their own children, much the way a tradition of sexual child abuse is passed down through the generations. Most Christians see nothing wrong with beating and traumatising children including handing them over to be sexually abused by priests.

It should be illegal to threaten a child with violence, just as it is an adult, even in the context of instilling religious beliefs.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)