Standard Canadian Dialect

People from different regions of Canada, different economic backgrounds, different ethnic backgrounds speak with an accent/dialect that labels them and singles them out for unconscious discrimination. Even if you dressed a homeless person up in a $500 suit, they would still be treated as homeless because of their accent and grammar. We need to devise a neutral way of speaking, based on the way people speak on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio and TV and teach it in schools. People should be taught to unselfconsciously use it when they might be facing discrimination, e.g. applying for a job, talking with the police, crossing the border, entering a fancy restaurant, seeking help at a hospital, speaking in public… I suspect many people already know roughly how to do this, but they believe using that accent would be pretentious. There is nothing that limits economic advancement more than bad grammar and a low-status accent.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)