Stealing From Science

Do you ever think it odd how creationists will talk about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), peptides, the big bang etc. to bolster their arguments that a sky god did it? They cherry pick information from science. None of these arguments came from the bible. They stole them from science.

When science says things they can twist to support their 4000 year old science text, they have no doubt. When it does not, they find some way to discount science as unreliable.

They pretend not to notice science is a giant mutually supporting web. It all fits together. If substantial parts of it are false, then the whole thing must be false.

In a similar way, creationists are happy to benefit from science with computers, heart operations, pharmaceuticals, drought-tolerant crops etc. while blindly denying the science by which they were created.

What a strange idea! that humanity could not possibly learn anything about science in 4000 years. There are a few exceptions. Even most creationists have dropped the flat earth and the earth-centred universe.

Creationists are particularly resistant to evolution because they do not understand it or have swallowed deliberately false explanations of it. It takes more intellect than understanding why the earth cannot be flat. They have been cleverly taught to consider intellect, understanding and curiosity to be sins to inoculate them against reason.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)