Corporate Aversion to Hiring

Corporations have zero interest in hiring people. To them, hiring people is like getting a root canal. It is something they occasionally have to do. It is naïve to expect them to put effort into reducing unemployment. They see their sole function as making money. Hiring people spends money, a wicked thing from a corporate point of view. If you want them to hire, you must use both carrots and sticks. If they can make more money by hiring, they will instantly line up to hire. If they make less money by hiring, they will flatly refuse. The Republican party is not in the least interested in creating more jobs. The higher the unemployment, the lower the wages, the weaker the unions and the more profitable the corporations that run the Republican party are. Republican policies are covertly designed to increase unemployment. That is one of the reasons they favour outsourcing and globalisation. Look what happened when George W. Bush had free reign to drive unemployment through the ceiling. He did it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)