Hunting Children

There are two kinds of safari camps you can go on in the third world to hunt children (or adults if that is your pleasure). You can bag your prey completely unarmed. You can shoot from a distance or bound and gagged. You can use a variety of other weapons including a wide selection of banned ones. You can even rape and torture or other amusements requiring non-consenting prey. The food and lodgings are slightly better than you would expect in the third world. There are two basic types of plan: self-directed and those with assistance for the squeamish or those with vestigial scruples. Dominatrixes and large male authority figures bully, abuse and order and force the clients to commit the atrocities, thus symbolically taking on the guilt. You would think you could not possibly afford such luxury safari camps, but these camps are not expensive. Self-directed camps pay you obscene amounts of money and assisted camps pay you a nominal fee, enough to cover travel and living expenses. If this sounds like you, apply to Xe Services (née Blackwater) for self-directed camps or your nearest US military recruiter for assisted ones.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)