To a Christian Homophobe:

Basically the only reason you have to harm homosexuals is that your bible says to. However, it has thousands of other sins listed — many, capital crimes. Yet you single out only one of them, and oddly, a sin you conveniently do not commit. Jesus told you not to do that. You are supposed to focus on your own sins. Yet you ignore all your own sins, including the capital ones.

It is odd you would pick as most important a sin that Jesus never even bothered to mention. What does that tell us about you? You are obsessed with homosexuality, something that in theory, does not concern you in the least. Studies have shown people so obsessed nearly always turn out to be closet cases. They are projecting their internal conflict, frustration and inability to suppress their feelings out as anger at the world.

Deuteronomy 21:18-21 says that you must kill any child who is insufficiently respectful. Oddly, you don’t feel compelled to obey. So why then do you feel compelled to be such a stickler about homosexuals?

Christian bigots claim that homosexuality is the only important sin. Why then did Jesus have not so much as one word to say on homosexuality or same sex marriage?

What you are doing is bigotry, not Christianity. You are a first class hypocrite and cherry-picker.

Finally, Christian superstitions only apply to Christians. You may not impose your crazy notions on non-Christians. That is what the first amendment was for, to keep Christians from shoving Christianity down unwilling throats.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70) Homophobes are Gay: Study click to watch