Aboriginal Hunting Rights

The courts have given first nations people carte blanche to ignore all hunting regulations. This is an extremely stupid thing to do:

So what should happen? Native people need to obey the same laws as everyone else to ensure that wildlife is sustainable. First national people must not be allowed cheating practices, such as hunting at night, that are catastrophic to the animals. It is reasonable to give native people a disproportionate share, just not one so big it destroys the resource for everyone.

The issue came to a head on 2017-03-27 when Rick Desautel, an American Sinixt First Nation man, killed an elk in Canada without a licence. Hunting at night is obviously dangerous to other hunters and puts excessive population pressure on the animals but first nations people won the right in court to do it. It is comparable to giving natives the right to drive drunk.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)