Night Light

When I was a toddler I absolutely hated being left in a totally dark room. I pleaded with my parents to leave bedroom door ajar or to leave a lamp on. They told me not to be silly. I was both terrified and furious they would not grant me this tiny concession which would not inconvenience them in the least. Eventually my Dad relented and got me a brown Bakelite night light. This fear was so primal. For a cave-dwelling child, if the fire went out, it probably meant those looking after it had been killed by predators or other bands of humans. Even it if went out from lack of fuel, this too was a major catastrophe. I ask you to consider a night light when you need to buy a baby shower gift. There is no need to put kids through this primal trauma. You can get them inexpensively at Canadian Tire, or Cloud·b. Some project stars or soothing images on the ceiling. Battery-powered ones will need to recharged each day.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)