Creationist Arguments

Creationists often bring up very abstract arguments for the existence of god by ignorant, morally debased, old farts like Aquinas. I don’t believe the Christians even understand the arguments much less find them persuasive. They fear god torturing them for eternity so they cannot take the chance of disbelief. They are frantically throwing out crappy arguments like jelly beans to lions hoping one will be convincing. They have absolutely no reason at all to believe that god exists.

It is simply they were traumatised as children and on a very deep level. They are terrified sick of Yahweh. They have Stockholm syndrome, imagining they love their tormentor. It is as gut-wrenching as a phobia of spiders. Simple logic will not make the phobia go away. Christians are blind to how much harm this delusion does to themselves and their families. If they understood how toxic it is, they would never dream of passing it on to their children even if they could not get rid of it in themselves.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)