Unreasonable Americans

Imagine how rude and nutty it would be if the USA told Mexico, You have three days to catch all the drug dealers in Mexico and hand them over to us in chains. We are not prepared to even give you a list of who we want or to present any evidence they committed crimes in the USA.

That is what the USA did to Afghanistan, demanding they catch and hand over bin Laden and his Al Qaeda supporters. He turned out to be very hard to catch, even with the full power of the US military looking for him. What the US actually did was even nuttier because the USA had no extradition treaty, it refused to negotiate one and it refused Afghanistan’ offer hold an ad hoc extradition hearing to present evidence. Then USA refused the Afghanistan’s offer to turn bin Laden over to a third country for trial. It demanded Afghanistan violate international law to comply with American demands. On top of this, the US occupied the Afghanistan ever since, butchering hundreds of people daily, justifying this mayhem because Afghanistan did not and could not comply with that ridiculous demand. By the way, the USA has never shown anyone the evidence that bin Laden masterminded 2001-09-11 without inside help.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)