Master Race Lie

How did Hitler convince his fellow Germans it was perfectly OK to invade Poland and other neighbours? He convinced them that Germans were the master race and thus had right to confiscate lebensraum (living room). Hitler was not the only person to pull this filthy stunt. The Japanese military leaders convinced the Japanese they were superior to all other people’s and hence had a natural right to conquer other nations. Israeli Jews convinced themselves they were God’s chosen people and hence have a right confiscate by force the land of others. George Bush convinced Americans they were #1 and hence had a natural right to confiscate the oil and other resources of Afghanistan and Iraq. He even convinced them they had the right to torture children and use all manner of banned weapons on civilians and to treat the Geneva Conventions of war as quaint (Not even Hitler did that.) Bush turned his resource wars into religious crusades against Islam to intensify the we-vs-them brutality and self-righteous smugness.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)