Soul BS

Through a slight of hand, using the fact that so many people have swallowed the religious superstition of souls, the Catholic church has managed to frame the abortion debate as though it were about the murder of adult humans. They treat abortion as the dislodging of imaginary souls. From a scientific perspective, at that early stage, a human is no more grandiose than a blood cell and its life does not begin in any sense of non-living ingredients coming together to form something alive. All that happens is pre-existing cells divide and recombine.

Catholics are so vain. They claim that the entire universe was created just for their pleasure. No wonder they imagine human cellular reproduction deserves to be accompanied by the sound of trumpets and can only occur via inscrutable holy magic. This debate is really about Catholics getting their evidence-free soul theory enforced in law. It is really about demanding maximum fecundity to swell the coffers of the church. How do you know? The church applauds killing embryos as a side effect of in-vitro fertilisation. It is hard to have an honest debate when the church refuses to admit why it actually opposes abortion.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)