What’s Wrong With Kiddie Porn?

What if you were a school teacher and you discovered seven of your students were downloading child porn off the Internet and repackaging it into DVD (Digital Video Disc) s and reselling it world wide. You confronted them saying Don’t you know this is a serious crime? They responded, No it isn’t. Everybody’s doing it. Besides, the kids aren’t even American. And besides my old man runs the local Mafia. There is no way they would ever dare prosecute us, even if we branch out and make our own kiddie porn. Then you countered Having a strategy to temporarily avoid getting caught is not an argument that something is legal or acceptable behaviour. You are still an outlaw. You would probably feel much the way I feel when I confront soldiers engaging in illegal aggressive first strike wars, such as Afghanistan and Iraq when they say, Don’t be stupid. It has to be legal. Thousands of people are doing it. They were have told us if it were illegal. They never give us illegal orders. Besides the USA thumbs its nose at the world court. Who’s ever gonna prosecute us? We’re Number One. We’re Number One.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)