root : Java Glossary

Root has at least five meanings.
  1. In the context of mathematics you compute the square root with Math. sqrt( x ). You compute the cube root with Math. cbrt( x ). You compute the 12th root with Math. pow( x, 1.0/12.0 ) and similarly for nth roots.
  2. File.listRoots lists the drive names available to a Java program.
  3. In the context of a tree of Objects in RAM (Random Access Memory), it is the starting point Object.
  4. In the context of a persistent object database, root refers to some named persistent object that can later be retrieved by name. Typically it would be a Collection, giving you a handle to a large number of other unnamed persistent objects.
  5. All classes derive from the basic root class Object.
  6. In the context of certificates, it refers to the signing authority’s public key. If that key exists in your browser or cacerts. file, you can validate other people’s certificates that were issued by that authority.

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Oracle’s Javadoc on sqrt package : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on cbrt package : available:
Oracle’s Javadoc on pow package : available:

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