Nuclear War

Trump said I like war, including nuclear war.. Many times he said there was no point in having nuclear weapons unless you used them. Nearly everyone pretends he did not say this. Perhaps they think Donald is always saying nutty things he does not mean. Surely he does not mean that. or Donald is just saying that to get votes with his whacko base. Surely he does not really mean it.

Trump supporters say Maybe he did not really say that. The evil press must have faked the video you saw. Maybe he did not mean it. Maybe he was not thinking at the time. Maybe he was just electioneering to his base. Don’t worry about it. Nobody is stupid enough to start a nuclear war.

The way I look at it, if there were even a 1% chance he means it, he should not be let anywhere near the white house. Even if he were just joking, it indicates he does not understand the seriousness of his office, and he still should not be let anywhere near the big red button. Just as in Star Trek, when the captain starts behaving irrationally, he should be immediately relieved of duty.

Why is it that almost nobody but me is concerned about giving the paranoid, bellicose, egomaniac, empathy-free Trump the nuclear codes?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)