Nature’s Path Ripoff

Nature’s Path makes a line of organic breakfast cereals. The catch is they only fill the boxes half full. Why? It is not to allow for setting. Their competitor, Dorset, manages to fill its boxes almost to the brim. It is to deceive their customers into thinking they are getting twice as much as they actually are, which helps justify the high price. Yet surely they can deceive their customers only once. I won’t buy them again. I remember for years when companies have cheated me. Nature’s Path is following a suicidal policy because a breakfast cereal company relies on repeat sales. Perhaps we should demand a clear window on the side of the box so you can see just how full it is. Perhaps consumer protection should demand that boxes be at least 90% full. This second problem with this sort of cheating is environmental. Nature’s Path is using twice as much packaging as necessary. In the meantime, turn the box upside down before you buy. If you hear a clunk as the cereal falls to the empty bottom of the box, try another brand.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)