Confront the Bastards

We must confront the privileged elite who have destroyed a large part of the world.

~ Hugo Chávez (1954-07-28 2013-03-05 age:58)

You have to puzzle why Americans hated and feared Chávez so much. He was certainly no military threat. In most third world nations, such as Saddam’s Iraq, the revenue from natural resource sales goes to fund palaces and armies for the dictator and his cronies. In the USA, the wealth ends up in the pockets of investors, bankers and wall street brokers. Chávez used that wealth for programs to help the poor such as sanitation, health care, education, housing, subsidized food, 6 cent a gallon gasoline… American capitalists were terrified that other third world nations would start demanding similar socialist perks from their capitalist plutocracies. Americans believed they had to stamp out the socialist governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile and Cuba because they were too attractive, too successful as examples. Then again, it could have been simple envy. His approval numbers were astronomical by North American standards.