Immigration Criteria

There are so many refugees and immigrants wanting to come to Canada, we need some sort of criteria to choose which ones to let in. Increased population brings all sorts of problems, including degraded environment, the need for more housings school, hospitals… yet there are reduced resources to support the extra people. Immigration acts much like an increased birth rate. How can you reduce the damage?

I suggest adding family size to the list of criteria for immigrants.

Family Size Notes
10+ These families have a cultural or religious tradition of keeping the wife perpetually pregnant. Canada has the duty of educating these immigrant children and giving them health care. When they become adults they will likely continue the tradition of large families, putting even more pressure on the environment. This unrestrained breeding also has the effect of rapidly changing the cultural balance of the country which leads to social unrest. These families are hard to house, since Canadian housing is designed for much smaller families.
Two adults plus two kids These are environmentally responsible people, assuming they do not have even more children.
sterilised singles or couples with 0 kids These families bring two workers. Canada has no obligation to educate or care for any kids. They put minimal impact on the environment. These would be prime immigrants.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)